About me

I am Leanne, a new mother with a baby boy who was born in September 2013.

I am passionate about breastfeeding, informed milk sharing / donations, cloth diapering and homemade baby foods.

Prior to motherhood I knew next to nothing about raising a baby.  In fact, I didn’t even bother about it until the baby was born.  Since then I have faced my steepest learning curve ever.

Parenting is difficult and it doesn’t help that I know next to nothing about being a mother.  Just like Baby E, I take baby steps each day, hoping to improve and become a better mother.

This blog began in February 2014 when I faced plugged ducts and (almost) mastitis and couldn’t find enough resources documenting the experience online.  These are everyday issues that everyday women face and yet we don’t talk about it enough.

Hope you find what I say useful.  These are just my experiences and they can vary from woman to woman, baby to baby.  Should you have any queries, you can reach me at leannesim [at] hotmail dot com.


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I knew nothing about babies when I became a mother. I still don't. Seems like Baby E isn't the only one taking baby steps!

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